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Dog Wash Stations and Other Pet-Friendly Home Designs to Include in Your Builds

Americans spent $72 billion on their pets in 2018, purchasing things like food, supplies, medications, veterinary care and more. People in this country love their pets. Many pet owners treat their animals like family and even take their needs into careful consideration when building or remodeling their home.

If your potential clients tend to be the type that own dogs, cats and other animals, consider offering these pet-friendly home features in your future builds. You don’t have to include them in every home, but you’ll quickly earn the loyalty of pet parents if you let them know pet-friendly features are available.

Built-in feeding areas for bowls and food

Built-in areas for pet bowls make tripping over dishes full of food and water a thing of the past. Take this design feature a step further by installing a ground-level faucet to make refilling water a breeze.

Including a deep drawer for food storage is another element that pet owners would love in a built-in.

Tough floors to withstand scratching and stains

Pet owners need scratch and stain-resistant flooring that can stand up to pet nails. Hardwood floors, bamboo flooring, reclaimed wood, cork and concrete are all popular materials amongst homeowners who need tough floors. You can also purchase carpeting that has been specifically manufactured to survive pets.

Learn more about the types of flooring homeowners are looking for in this quick guide.

One-story layouts for older pets

Senior pets have a tough time navigating stairs, which is why ranch-style houses can be desirable for people who have pets. Homeowners who wish to age in place without needing to leave their homes are also attracted to one-story layouts.

Enclosed patios, screen porches and sunrooms

Enclosed outdoor areas are perfect for indoor cats and other housebound pets. (people love them too)
H3: Fenced in yards

According to some estimates, 91% of pet owners feel that a fully fenced yard is the single most important feature of a home when it comes to accommodating their pet.

Virtually any homeowner with a dog will appreciate a sturdy and escape-proof fenced-in yard.

Dog wash stations (or a human and dog-friendly shower)

Some homes have dedicated dog wash areas in a mudroom. Others utilize outdoor space next to the home.
Either way, giving pet owners a dedicated space to rinse off dirty dogs before they enter the home is a welcome design addition. If you want a washing area that’s useful for humans and dogs alike, opt for a simple outdoor shower.

If you aren’t ready to go all-in on custom outdoor washing areas, consider installing at least one walk-in shower in the home because lifting a large animal into a bathtub isn’t easy.

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