What Qualities Buyers are Looking for in a Home Builder

What Qualities Buyers are Looking for in a Home Builder

Trust, experience, communication and more are all extremely important to new home buyers. As for the actual house? Well, that’s pretty important, too. Home buyers aren’t just looking for someone to pop up a house for them. Since this is the single largest financial investment many people will make, many buyers have fairly strict criteria for choosing a home builder.

Durable, Quality Construction That’s Built to Last

The primary detail that future homeowners are seeking shouldn’t come as a surprise—they want a quality home that lasts for years to come. If you use high quality materials in your builds you’re bound to attract more buyers. Even better, using durable materials and proven building practices ensures that you won’t experience complaints from buyers in the future.

Excellent Communication Skills and Follow

Buying and/or building a new home is a stressful time for buyers, especially if they’re new to the process. Strive to provide excellent customer service throughout every step. If you have a team that handles customer service make sure they are trained to handle consumer questions and complaints.

If you build custom homes, or if buyers are in any way involved in the construction process, there’s another fantastic way to showcase your communication and customer service skills: keep them informed. Let them know how the project is moving along and what’s scheduled next. Most buyers will genuinely appreciate the updates.

Experience in the Home Construction Industry

Inevitably, potential buyers will ask about your experience building homes. A track record of success demonstrates that you’re a professional who will see their job through to completion.

Make sure that you can show them your handiwork and expertise with a portfolio, website or even a simple printout of past projects.

A Positive Reputation and History of Satisfied Customers

Buyers will also want to know whether past customers are satisfied with their home purchase. Highlight positive testimonials wherever possible. If past customers are willing to chat with serious buyers, that’s even better.

Transparency in Costs

The construction industry has earned an unfortunate reputation for nickel and diming consumers. Buyers will be over the moon if you remain transparent in your pricing. If you know your general costs, fixed price bids are an excellent way to keep everyone happy.

The bottom line is that buyers put their trust in you. Always be transparent and honest, especially when it comes to the financial side of things.

Builders Who Stand Behind Their Work

Buyers want to work with someone who trusts their own craftsmanship. But, they’ll also be comforted to know that if something does go wrong with their new home, there’s a way to fix the damage. That’s where products like Home Warranty Service Agreements and Structural Warranties come into play—they’re excellent tools that give buyers an invaluable peace of mind.

Home Warranty Service Agreements and Structural Warranties can protect builders from unforeseen repairs and replacements, and they can even help protect against structural issues in builds. Visit 2-10.com to find out more!

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