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Selling a Mountain Home in Winter or Summer

How to sell a mountain house in winter or summertime

Seasonal Considerations When Selling Mountain Homes

When you think about the vacation homes your clients are selling or buying, it’s likely that you think about homes in warm, tropical locations. However, many people own vacation homes in the mountains, and these properties need to be positioned differently based on the season.

Keep reading to learn what you need to know about selling these types of properties during the summer and during the winter.

How Seasonality Affects Pricing and the Housing Market

Typically, homes sell faster during summer, but that could change in the mountains. Every town has its own unique market, and different types of properties require different considerations. Ski condos, single family homes, rustic cabins, duplexes… there are so many different types of properties in the mountains, and the seasonalities vary when it comes to how quickly something will sell.

If you’ve never marketed a mountain home before, it would be wise to try teaming up with a fellow real estate professional who has experience in this area. If you’d like to focus on selling new construction, you might also consider finding a builder to partner with.

Marketing Mountain Homes for Sale During the Summer

Summertime can present a great opportunity to sell a mountain home, especially if would-be buyers are looking to purchase before the ski season begins.

Regardless of the season, you’ll want to have your mountain property listed online, where buyers will be starting their home searches. You can also advertise properties on social media, your website and in your email newsletter. Professional photos make a world of difference, too — highlight photos from all seasons, if possible.

Selling Mountain Homes During the Winter

During the winter you’ll have added weather-based challenges in the mountains.

If you’re holding an open house you’ll want to pay extra attention to safety. Clear the sidewalks and driveway to keep visitors safe from slips and falls (tossing some salt down might not be a bad idea, either). Check the gutters for icicles that could fall and knock them down.

To keep the home clean, set up an area at the entrance where potential buyers can shake off the snow and avoid tracking it into the rest of the home. Your sellers will certainly appreciate the gesture.

There’s something magical about wintertime in the mountains, and buyers are looking for a cozy space to call home. If the home has a fireplace, make sure it’s functional and a fire is lit.

Be flexible with showings

Buyers may be combining their house hunt with a ski trip or other vacation, so keep that in mind when you’re working to sell a mountain home. You should be willing to work around the schedules of your buyers, even if it’s inconvenient at times.

You may also have to reschedule showings and open houses due to inclement weather. It’s always wise to have a backup plan, because mountain weather is anything but predictable.

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