Is Smart Home Technology Right for New Home Builds

Is Smart Home Technology Right for New Home Builds

Is Smart Home Technology Right for New Home Builds

Find Out Which Types of Buyers Want Smart Home Technology

More and more buyers are expecting that smart home technology will come pre-installed in new homes, but these products aren’t for everyone.

Some clients are uncomfortable with possible security issues, others worry about price and some buyers simply don’t want to deal with the hassle of additional technology in their home. Is adding this technology right for your customer base? Keep reading to learn how you can answer this important question.

Pay Attention to Generational Preferences for Smart Homes

When it comes to smart homes, each generation is going to have different preference about what kind of technology they want their homes to include. For example, seniors care more about smart thermostats than millennials and millennials care more about smart door locking systems.

Before incorporating smart home technology into your builds, determine your target buyer demographic. For example, a family-friendly neighborhood will attract parents with young children. These buyers will want smart security products, but they may not care about wireless speakers as much.

Don’t Discount Older Populations when it comes to Smart Home Technology

Research has shown that baby boomers are a demographic that has been most drawn to smart home technology. According to the Huffington Post, these buyers are leading the way when it comes to adopting new, state-of-the-art home technology. Baby boomers are accepting of new and innovative ways to control their home environment and they understand the value that these devices can bring to their lives, both from a cost-savings and convenience perspective.

Let your Region Help Determine which Smart Home Features to Include

The region of the country that you’re building in can also help you determine which smart home technology best fits your builds. Smart thermostats can be particularly welcome in areas with extreme night and daytime temperature differences, while busy urban areas may have buyers who appreciate more robust and personalized security features.

Stick to Smart Home Technologies that Buyers Want

If you’ve decided to include smart home technology in your builds, make sure that you’re incorporating the products that buyers care the most about. Coldwell Banker analyzed the smart home features that matter most to buyers; a few of the items that made the list include:

  • Smart security, like locks that can be opened with a smartphone.
  • Smart climate control products like the Nest Learning Thermostat.
  • Smart lighting, like the Phillips Hue and it’s millions of color options.
  • Smart appliances, like WiFi enabled refrigerators and other major appliances.

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