Success Tips for Millennial Real Estate Agents

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While some accuse them of being “lazy” or “entitled,” millennials have shown an impressive desire to cut through common stereotypes and run their own businesses. If you’re a young person who’s decided to make a career in the housing market, these tips can help you become a more effective millennial real estate agent.

  1. Don’t disregard proven tactics. Since they grew up with technology, millennials are typically quite adept at leveraging social media and the latest apps. While this can be a key part of building up your reputation and client base; it isn’t likely to be enough. In the real estate business, traditional marketing techniques continue to make a huge impact. This means attending events, sending cards via snail mail and engaging with people offline. It’s one thing to start a relationship on the web; however, you will also need to nurture your relationships at in-person gatherings that demonstrate your professionalism and help establish trust.
  2. Boost your confidence. Obviously, it’s important to project a confident air, especially when you are asking someone to trust you with the biggest investment of their life. That said, it’s not enough to throw your shoulders back and simply look the part. To gain real confidence, you need to practice phone calls and client interactions, talk to industry peers and familiarize yourself with all the ins-and-outs of the real estate industry. This will ensure that you can seize fleeting opportunities and handle unexpected situations without stumbling over your words or needing time to find answers to questions.
  3. Maintain a professional image. It’s important for young agents to know who they are competing with. The average agent is older than 55 and has over a decade of experience. To compete with veteran agents, you must know your stuff. At the same time, you should carefully protect your reputation at all times. This means deleting old social media posts from your youth, which may cast you in a bad light. You should also be ready to interact with potential clients, even when you are enjoying some casual free time “off the clock.”
  4. Save your money. To last in the real estate business, you will need enough money to support yourself during inevitable slow periods. Many young agents are forced to give up on their goals and pursue other jobs when the market slows. Make sure you have enough money stowed away that you can weather down periods. You should also be careful not to overspend when the market gets hot, even if it truly feels as though the good times will never end.
  5. Don’t try to sell. A good real estate agent shouldn’t be focused on “selling.” Instead, he or she works to coach clients and facilitate real estate transactions. When a client feels as if he or she has been “sold,” resentment is likely to follow, and referrals are probably not in the cards. Focus on advising and educating clients, while working to keep them on track to achieve their stated goals. This is the best way to ensure the long-term success that results from having a strong reputation that produces ongoing referrals.


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