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– the best live chat tools for real estate agents – The Best Live Chat Tools for Real Estate Agents | 2-10 Blog

5 Live Chat Tools for Busy Real Estate Agents

You’ve decided chatbots could be a useful tool for your real estate business, but which ones are worth the investment? Here are some of the most powerful and user-friendly live chat tools for real estate agents.

What Are They?

Chatbots are computer programs which rely on modern AI technology to conduct interactive conversations via textual or sometimes even auditory methods. These days, the technology is able to convincingly simulate human conversation, collect important information and integrate data into your email marketing and CRM. They can even act as internal sales agents (ISAs), which are able to nurture leads. Chatbots are able to do all this by using sophisticated language processing systems and by scanning keywords within a user’s input to determine which responses to extract from a comprehensive internal database.

Popular Options for Real Estate Agents

Because they are able to convincingly simulate human conversation 24 hours a day, seven days a week, chatbots have become a powerful tool for modern real estate agents. While some offer basic functions, others provide incredibly diverse capabilities for busy real estate professionals who deal with a lot of website traffic. Here are some of the more popular options available today:

Apartment Ocean: Once you integrate it into your website, Apartment Ocean will use AI technology to communicate with visitors and add appointments to your calendar. Although the tool is free, you can upgrade to a version that will allow you to customize any data it collects and integrate into your email marketing and CRM. For the average agent, Apartment Ocean offers basic functions that meet most needs.

Facebook Messenger: Potential leads can use Messenger’s chatbot to communicate with your real estate business on your website, just as they would on your Facebook business page. The tool has its own ecosystem of software and support from companies such as Manychat and Chatfuel, which help you develop sophisticated marketing chatbots that can put your lead generation activities on autopilot.

LiveChat: One of the most popular chatbot options, LiveChat is a common tool used across several different industries. From a real estate agent’s perspective, this tool can provide numerous, powerful backend tools and reporting capabilities. LiveChat is a good option for agents who rely on their websites as important lead sources and need the ability to communicate with prospects in real-time.

ReadyChat: This versatile tool is like an ISA for chat boxes. It has a 24/7 concierge with live agents who answer chats on your website and nurture these into leads. A bit more pricey than other available options, ReadyChat is more appropriate for agents who have significant web traffic and want to outsource to a human chat specialist instead of AI.

HelloAlex: Specifically designed for the real estate industry, HelloAlex is premium chat software with robust capabilities that can be tailored to suit an agent’s unique needs. Unlike some of the other chatbots on this list, HelloAlex is able to take relationships further than the initial contact. Not only can it handle some of the nurturing process; the tool can also follow up with prospects at different stages of the customer journey. These features come at the cost of a setup fee and monthly membership fees. If you are looking for a chatbot that will address all of your needs and fully integrate with your website and CRM, however, it’s well worth the money.

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