Trends in Luxury Homes – What Builders Need to Know

luxury homes

If you do business in the luxury home market, you’ll want to stay up-to-date on the latest design and building trends. Keep reading to learn more about what you should be incorporating into the designs of these luxury homes.

Green Spaces And Eco-Friendly Touches Are Well-Loved In Luxury Homes

JM Loo of Singapore Christie’s International Real Estate explains the concept simply, saying “Green building is the recent trend.” Luxury home buyers will expect this feature in their next home’s design, so builders should plan their projects accordingly. Use sustainable, green building materials for starters.

Eco-friendliness is important, but luxury home buyers also want access to outdoor space. Outdoor living areas are increasingly popular, some with full kitchens right next to the pool area. This plays into the idea of blending indoor and outdoor spaces together, a concept that’s gaining appeal amongst buyers.

Rooftops are another area where you can build in outdoor living space. Depending on your region, your luxury buyers may love a private rooftop deck with excellent views.

Smart Home Appliances Make Life Easier for Luxury Home Buyers

Smart home appliances, like thermostats that can “learn” what the homeowner’s climate control needs are, have a welcome spot in many homes across the country. However, they’re almost expected in higher-end luxury homes.

If your new home builds come with some or all appliances it’s worth looking into smart refrigerators, smart blinds, smart lighting and other home automation appliances. Take a critical look at your region’s market to determine what homeowners want the most.

For example, a smart sprinkler system probably won’t be necessary if you’re building luxury townhomes or condos with small lot sizes. But, residents of hot and sunny regions might appreciate smart blinds that automatically close when a room becomes too warm.

Formal Dining Rooms are Making a Comeback

Formal dining rooms haven’t appealed to many homeowners in recent years, but they’re finally making a comeback… at least in the luxury market.

Consider adding this space onto your blueprints, and don’t forget about the kitchen, either. Multi-purpose kitchen islands that have lots of counter space, plenty of room for seating and ample storage are a feature that luxury home buyers want to see in their next home.

If you include these design elements in your next luxury home build (and avoid these home design trends that are going out of style), you’re bound to have happy home buyers.

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