5 Summer Staging Tips for First-Time Home Sellers

5 Summer Staging Tips for First-Time Home Sellers

5 summer staging tips for first-time home Sellers

Staging and selling a home in the summertime is typically a smart idea. But there are a few things you’ll need to account for as you stage your home. From heat to bugs to sanitation, summertime selling brings its own set of challenges. Here are five summer staging tips that can bring you success.

Be safe and sanitary when staging

Prospective Buyers expect homes to be safe and sanitary as they visit it. This means wiping down every surface, providing hand sanitizer, and urging (or even requiring) visitors to wear masks. To minimize physical contact, consider planning a specific route for prospective Buyers. But being sanitary goes beyond taking COVID-19 precautions.

Summertime means more open doors, more outside time, and more chances to track dirt or let pests inside. As you begin staging, encourage Sellers to be mindful of what they’re bringing into their homes. Something as simple as wiping their feet, taking shoes off, or closing doors as they enter and exit can making tidying up much easier.

Also, keep your eyes peeled and nose open! Improperly covered trash containers (or worse, loose trash bags) are a nightmare in the summer. On top of unpleasant smells, they can also attract unwelcome visitors, such as flies and vermin. Take special care to stress the importance of properly disposing trash in the summertime as you begin staging.

Keep the house cool and comfortable

Hot Buyers are uncomfortable Buyers. And with many Buyers likely wearing masks for in-person viewings, you’ll need to ensure their comfort. If the house has a cooling system (central air, swamp cooler, etc.) don’t be shy about using it. The last thing you want is for Buyers to request a retreat to their air-conditioned car. In fact, keeping the home comfortable can cause Buyers to linger longer, giving them a chance to really take in the home’s best features.

Plus, 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty (2-10 HBW) can help you keep the house cool and comfortable for staging and showing. In most states, 2-10 HBW offers coverage for a Seller’s air conditioner (and heat pump) for just $50, plus an applicable Service Fee ($60 for Seller coverage in Florida). This means that if the air conditioner breaks down from routine wear and tear while on the market, 2-10 HBW can help Sellers repair it. That can keep their houses cool and comfortable, and save them a boatload of time and money, too.

Clean up the yard

Summertime is the perfect time for Buyers to get a real feel for what it’d be like to own the home, inside and out. Yard space is extremely important to the current crop of Buyers. That means you’ll need to emphasize making the outside just as welcoming as the inside.

Focus on clearing yard waste, such as branches and weeds. Knock down any cobwebs, hives, or nests on the property. As much as possible, present a lush, green lawn, or at least minimize brown patches. For Sellers who live in drought-prone areas, green lawns may be unrealistic. However, you can encourage xeriscaping or pops of color with hardy flowers like pansies.

Try to let light in when staging

Regardless of the season, good lighting attracts Buyers. In the summertime, Sellers have the advantage of longer days and more opportunities to show off their home’s natural lighting. But that can also make the home hot, especially for south-facing living spaces. As you stage the house, consider the tradeoffs between allowing light in versus overheating the home.

If allowing natural light makes the home too hot, consider recommending a change to lighting fixtures. Especially in older homes, rooms like the kitchen may use warmer lights that don’t provide the best lighting. Replacing older, incandescent lighting with brighter LED lighting can sharpen the room and make it more welcoming. And replacing light fixtures is a fairly simple, inexpensive way to attract Buyers when natural light is too hot to handle.

Schedule showings for earlier or later in the day

Avoiding the hottest parts of the day can give prospective Buyers a chance to get the full experience. If possible, try to schedule showings before the sun gets too high in the sky. This can let you take advantage of natural lighting before the sun makes rooms too hot.

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