7 Inexpensive Staging Props for Selling Your Home

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From cleanliness and curb appeal to perceived value and move-in-readiness, there are all sorts of staging considerations that go into selling a property. But, how do you make a home memorable without going over-budget? If you’re not sure how to stage a house so it packs a greater visual punch, consider using these seven inexpensive items.

  1. Books: When they are strategically placed, books can complete a shelf or coffee table. They can also make a space feel more lived in. You can find cheap books at used book stores or garage sales. Just be sure to avoid any controversial covers or topics, and make extra sure the books don’t have frayed covers, damaged spines or musty odors.
  2. Bowl of lemons: A bowl of bright yellow lemons can add a colorful pop to a kitchen or dining centerpiece, while also invigorating the room with a sense of freshness. Just make sure to use a bowl that’s consistent with the decor of the property and consider choosing decorative lemons you will be able to reuse for other showings.
  3. Plush, white towels: Within the hospitality industry, they use white to make bathrooms look clean and spacious. You can create this boutique hotel look by adding a few soft and impeccably clean white towels to your home’s bathroom. You can also add a few other white accents, such as a brand new bar of soap, shower curtain or bathmat.
  4. Mirrors: These props are a much better option than paintings, which may turn off certain buyers. In addition to creating the illusion of more space, mirrors also increase lighting, which is a substantial selling point for just about every type of buyer. When strategically placed, mirrors can also draw attention to a home’s beautiful landscaping or back yard.
  5. Table lamps: You don’t have to spend a fortune on fancy table lamps to get that designer look. Flank a living room sofa with a pair of matching, inexpensive lamps, or add a pair of lamps to the nightstands on either side of a bed. This creates a very attractive, balanced appearance. For best results, however, choose a solid white or light-colored shade that will reflect light and summon the eye.
  6. Throw pillows: A few tasteful throw pillows can invigorate a sofa that looks plain or tired. You can easily – and affordably – use throw pillows to add a colorful pop to muted tones. You can also tone down dated or busy upholstery by adding one or two neutral-colored pillows. Throw pillows are available for around ten dollars at Walmart and some home improvement stores.
  7. Fresh flowers: Few things are more inviting than a floral bouquet. Instead of going with false flowers, however, be sure to choose fresh, natural flowers that won’t create that staged, artificial feel. You can keep your flowers fresh for longer by refrigerating them overnight, by swapping out the water daily, and by cutting the stems at an angle before placing them inside a vase.


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