2-10 Day 2024: A Celebration of Supporting Real Estate Agents

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February 10 is National Home Warranty Day. It’s little wonder why National Home Warranty Day falls on 2/10—2-10 Home Buyers Warranty (2-10) is the name real estate agents trust for high-quality Home Service Plan (Home Warranty) coverage. As we celebrate this special day, we especially want to celebrate the support we provide real estate agents across the country, today and every day!

Protecting Agent Transactions Every Day

Protecting transactions is crucial to an agent’s success. Unfortunately, unexpected breakdowns to important systems and appliances can put transactions in danger. But with 2-10 Buyer and Seller Coverage, agents can have more confidence that their transactions are protected against the unexpected.

There are three big ways a 2-10 Home Warranty helps protect agent transactions:

  1. 2-10 Seller Coverage helps reduce the chances of a breakdown derailing a sale by providing an effective solution that could keep the deal moving forward.
  2. Converting Seller Coverage to Buyer Coverage could help Sellers offer a valuable incentive without reducing the sale price of the home.
  3. Presenting 2-10 Buyer Coverage could improve your reputation. When agents provide a solution to a problem that many homeowners eventually face before it happens, that shows commitment and dedication to happy homeownership. Happy homeowners tend to refer their agents.

When agents have fewer risks to worry about, it can help them move on to the next transaction while showing their clients that they’re always looking to protect their interests.

Giving the People What They Want

In 2024, a home warranty is the #1 incentive Sellers can offer to Buyers. Obviously, Sellers recognize the value of a home warranty as an incentive to Buyers. Likewise, Buyers appreciate the added budgetary protection a home warranty provides so soon after what’s likely to be a large down payment.

When agents offer a 2-10 Home Warranty, they’re going above and beyond expectations. That’s because a 2-10 Buyer and Seller coverage stand out among the competition.

  • Seller Coverage is complimentary (where allowed by law).
  • 2-10 offers industry-leading HVAC protection—including unlimited refrigerant recharge and recapture, along with SEER matching—which can save Buyers and Sellers a lot of money.
  • Buyer Coverage includes additional benefits, such as Happy Home Lock & Hardware, which offers Buyers a reimbursement for changing or rekeying their locks within 45 days.

On top of all that, agents who enroll homes in 2-10 Buyer or Seller Coverage give their client access to a trusted network of Service Contractors. This can help expedite the repair/replacement process with trusted and vetted service.

Coverage your clients deserve

Add the industry-leading home service plan to your agent tool kit.

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Providing Peace of Mind

Real estate transactions can be stressful. With a 2-10 Home Warranty, agents can offer peace of mind throughout the transaction.

For Sellers, 2-10 Seller Coverage provides assurance that if a Covered Item breaks down, they won’t have to scramble for a solution. They simply contact 2-10, and we get the ball rolling on addressing the issue.

A 2-10 Home Warranty also says to Buyers, “This home’s major systems and appliances are in good working order.” This, along with a professional inspection, can help a home stand out as more move-in ready than other homes on the market.

For Buyers, purchasing a home is likely to drain their nest egg. That means less potential money to address breakdowns. In fact, the unexpected cost of breakdowns is one of the leading causes of buyer’s remorse, which can have a negative impact on an agent’s reputation.

A 2-10 Home Warranty can protect Buyers’ budgets in the aftermath of a huge purchase. It also provides a cost-effective solution to a common problem before the problem occurs, which can show Buyers that you truly care about their experience of homeownership after the sale. And Buyers tend to refer agents who take good care of them.

Celebrate National Home Warranty Day by Choosing 2-10

For agents who want to protect their transactions, give their clients what they want, and offer peace of mind during a stressful time, 2-10 is the company they trust.

This National Home Warranty Day, do the right thing for you and your clients by offering a 2-10 Home Warranty for all your transactions.

Coverage your clients deserve

Add the industry-leading home service plan to your agent tool kit.

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Coverage your clients deserve

Add the industry-leading home service plan to your agent tool kit.

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