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How Top Real Estate Agents Achieve More

The real estate market is as challenging as it has ever been, especially if you’re new to the industry. Read on to learn eight habits of top agents that can help you thrive in today’s market.

Stay on Schedule

Successful agents keep a regimented schedule. When they put something in their calendars, they get it done. They don’t cut corners or put things off. By carefully planning ahead and prioritizing tasks to make the most of their time, experienced agents know they can avoid mistakes and minimize stress.

Practice the Craft

Whether they’re reading about the latest trends, boning up on relevant legislation or attending an industry conference, the most successful agents are sponges for knowledge. No matter how experienced they are, top agents continue to rehearse listing presentations, meet with mentors and refine their skills.

Leverage Technology

To compete in today’s real estate market, successful agents embrace technology. They utilize CRM and other real estate tech tools to streamline efforts and better serve clients. That’s not to say they completely dismiss old-school tactics – top agents take a comprehensive approach that includes modern time-savers and communication strategies.

Perfect their Pre-listing Packages

The best agents know a compelling pre-listing package is an essential marketing tool that helps them stand out from the competition. That’s why they perfect their packages to educate and inspire new clients. Savvy agents know that preparation and presentation are essential to landing more clients.

Don’t Let Fear Hold Them Back

Real estate agents face common fears that can sow seeds of doubt. Even the most seasoned agents experience worry and anxiety from time to time. The most successful agents develop ways for coping with these unavoidable feelings to make sure they don’t shy away from taking advantage of new, profitable opportunities.

Always Prospect for Leads

Top agents work hard to maintain a strong sales pipeline. They do this by establishing structured, regimented habits that facilitate touchpoints. Outbound calls to potential sellers and follow-ups with all prospective clients and buyers happen every single day. They also consistently update social media channels and leverage monthly emails to stay top of their client’s mind.

Be Good Educators

The best agents know how to prepare buyers and sellers for what to expect during real estate transactions. This helps their clients make informed decisions and identify needs and wants so they can be more proactive. In addition to empowering clients, this mindset leads to increased trust and more referrals down the line.

Know their Markets

Successful agents have a finger on the pulse of the community. They aren’t just experts in the local real estate market – they know the best restaurants, schools, parks and entertainment hotspots in the surrounding areas. They also know about crime rates, local weather and the market value of the properties in the community. To win over potential clients, top agents understand that they need to position themselves as experts in the market and be able to answer every type of question that comes their way.

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