Build a Home That Delivers on Looks and Function

– designing with buyer in mind 1 – Build a Home That Delivers on Looks and Function

A home’s appearance is important, but it’s vital that builders and developers design homes that intended sellers want to purchase. It’s important to design a home’s layout with the lifestyle of the end user in mind. Essentially, all property development homes should be beautiful as well as functional, and must incorporate design trends relevant to the region.

Thankfully, with some research, getting through the design phase doesn’t have to be too difficult.

Who is the target market for the home?

Before you dive into designing or hiring an architect, think about the home’s target market. Market segmentation is an important precursor to designing a home, especially with the variety of buyers in the market for a home. Do you want to target young professionals, young families with children, affluent Boomers, seniors, or any number of other potential markets?

Every demographic has different wants and needs for their homes, ranging from townhouses and condos to unattached single-family houses. What type of lifestyle does the proposed home afford, and who would desire that lifestyle? Choose your target market first and then build accordingly.

Are there any regional trends to consider?

You probably already know that the U.S. is full of vast regional differences, but did you know that this also influences what a buyer would like in their next home? The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) has even said that the regional differences are “substantial,” especially in new single-family homes.

According to the NAHB study, New England homes are the priciest, while homes in the East South Central and West South Central regions are the least expensive. In the Northeast and Midwest, vinyl is the most common primary siding material. In the South, brick is most favored. When it comes to the West, stucco is the top choice.

Outdoor space is important, too. The NAHB confirmed that porches are popular throughout the country, but that outdoor patios were desired in the West South Central part of the country. And in New England single-family homes, decks are nearly a necessity. Climate is another important thing to consider – in colder spots, basements are common. In the South and in the West, you’ll be working with slab foundations. All of these small regional details can have a big impact on a home’s final design.

Design with resale in mind

When you’re building a new home, it’s always wise to design it with its future resale potential as a consideration. Remember, elaborate homes with endless custom features don’t tend to sell well, so resist the urge to be too trendy or unique. It’s important to strike a balance between what you want to build and what the market will support. Don’t add a lot of features that might out-price the home for the area, for example.

After all, depending on the demographics of your buyers, it’s unlikely that this will be the last home they ever purchase. Buying a home that’s sellable is good news for your wallet and theirs.


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