Create a Personal Brand for Your Real Estate Business

Create a Personal Brand for Yourself and Your Real Estate Business

Create a personal brand for yourself and your real estate business

As a real estate agent, there’s a tendency to focus primarily on selling homes when determining where to put your marketing efforts. However, it’s also important to sell yourself and your business. Since you are your business, you must carefully cultivate your own personal brand. Here’s how to do it.

Determine your brand

Before doing anything else, think about your brand. In other words, think about your own unique characteristics that cause you to stand out from other agents. Even if you work within a larger real estate agency, you can still market yourself in your own way.

Are you an animal lover who can help owners find or sell the perfect pet-friendly home? Do you have a quirky personality that certain demographics, like young professionals, gravitate toward? Think about those characteristics and then draw on that inspiration on your website, in any blogs you write, and in your other marketing materials.

Ask yourself some of these questions to begin figuring out what exactly your brand could be:

  • What do you care about most?
  • How would friends, colleagues, and family describe your strengths?
  • Do you have any passions or hobbies that could influence your brand? For example, Boulder, Colorado-based agency Pedal to Properties combined biking with real estate.
  • Do you have a target demographic or group that you’d like to work with?
  • Do you have any past experiences in other industries that might be helpful in your real estate ventures?

Don’t be afraid to be unique

While you’re determining your brand don’t try to fit in with the crowd. Sometimes, it’s okay to be unabashedly unique. Take agent Ken DeLeon. In 2011, The Wall Street Journal determined that he was the number one agent in the country. How did he do it?

He decided to take a “bold” step by taking out a two-page ad in a local paper. He dressed up as the Village People and sang S-O-L-D to the tune of Y-M-C-A. You don’t have to go quite that far, but Mr. DeLeon did create such a stir that he sold 12% of all available homes in his highly competitive market.

Become an expert

Once you’ve decided on the parts of yourself that you’re going to focus on, relentlessly become an expert in those areas. Are you great with first-time buyers, patiently walking them through the entire process with ease? Do you have a background in education, making you an excellent resource for families with school-age children? Or maybe you’re in the know about the newest design trends, and can help sellers stage their homes for the most impact?

Whatever your niche, establish it, own it, and always strive to become better at it. For example, if you want to market yourself to the Millennial market, learn more about what drives their buying and selling decisions. To demonstrate your expertise further you could even create a blog on your agent website, where you share some of your knowledge.

Always be consistent with your message

When you first begin marketing yourself it can be tempting to stray away from your brand, especially if it’s taking time to see results. However, don’t give up too easily. If you’re confident there’s a market for your personal brand then keep working at it. Consumers are more likely to respond favorably to messaging they’ve been repeatedly exposed to. If you keep working on establishing your brand, and living it, it will eventually gain traction.

If you’re running out of ways to stay on-brand, and need some fresh marketing ideas, there are plenty of tips and resources online, too.

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