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Home Design Features that Turn Off Modern Buyers

We’ve talked a lot about some of the things modern home buyers want in a new home, but what are some things they can’t stand? In today’s blog, we’ll look at some of the most unpopular design features that can make would-be buyers walk away.

Overbearing light fixtures

In an attempt to make a home stand out from similar inventory, builders sometimes go overboard with lighting. Lavish light fixtures can stick out for all the wrong reasons and negatively impact the look and feel of an entire home. Although buyers want bright, airy rooms, they will typically turn their noses up at show-stopping light fixtures that seem too ornate.


Although interior designers often appreciate carpet for its colors and textures, modern home buyers feel differently. People generally assume that carpets will trap odors, pet hair, dirt and germs. It’s generally safer for builders to install hardwood floors; if a buyer wants carpet, they can have it installed after the purchase.

Extravagant landscaping

While lush landscaping can elevate interest in a home, it can turn off many buyers who worry about the extra expense of maintaining the property. To appeal to a wider pool of buyers, builders are better off creating nice, neat outdoor spaces where people can relax and socialize without a lot of fuss.


Bold, impactful, graphic patterns are becoming a popular interior design trend. Many times, they come in the form of wallpaper. While it can add a distinctive element to a new home, wallpaper is a personal choice for buyers. Although it may not make a home stand out from the pack; it’s generally best to paint walls with a safer neutral shade to ensure broader appeal.

Gold fixtures

Many modern designers are blending gold and silver fixtures to give homes an artful metallic sheen. From the perspective of most home buyers, however, gold can seem a bit outdated. To avoid giving your new home an 80s feel, builders should think about choosing an inexpensive brushed nickel for faucet and door handles.

Small closets

According to a report from USA Today, 60% of modern homeowners are willing to pay an average of $1,350 extra for walk-in closets in their master bedrooms. In addition to providing extra space for clothes, expansive closets are viewed as status symbols. If you are looking for ways to maximize space in a new home, try to avoid doing it at the expense of the master bedroom closet.

Formica countertops

Modern buyers view Formica countertops as cheap and fragile. While they are more expensive, builders are much better off installing granite or quartz countertops, which significantly elevate the look and feel of kitchens and bathrooms. You can bet that a home with Formica will pale in comparison to one with higher-end countertops. If you want your new home to pique interest in markets with similar inventory, you should definitely invest in a higher-quality material for your countertops.

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