How Long Is a Home Warranty Good for?

How Long Is a Home Warranty Good for?

Generally, a home warranty is good for one year. Most home warranty companies, including 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty (2-10 HBW), offer a yearly service agreement that you can renew each year. But why would you want a yearly Home Warranty Service Agreement? And what does a home warranty cover? Today, we’ll answer some of these questions to help you find the right fit for your home warranty coverage.

Why purchase a yearly Home Warranty Service Agreement?

Systems and appliances in your house will break down at some point. In fact, with homeowners using their systems and appliances more than ever before, systems and appliances breakdowns are more common than ever. With a home warranty, you won’t be caught off guard when a major home system or home appliance breaks down.

A yearly service agreement can help you save time. When you purchase coverage from 2-10 HBW, you get access to our licensed and approved Contractor Network. That means you don’t have to find, research, vet, and hope for a quality technician, because we’ve done all that for you. When something breaks down, you file a claim with us, and we connect you with a local Service Contractor. That can save you a ton of time and frustration.

Coverage can also help you save money. Consider how much it can cost to repair or replace a major system or appliance out of pocket, on average.

Average Repair Cost Average Replacement Cost
HVAC System $425 $6,400
Water Heater $435 $1,790
Refrigerator $340 $1,250
Electric Oven $325 $1,200
Gas Oven $254 $1,400

Based on estimated average retail cost of replacement and observed claims experiences of 2-10 HBW customers.

With coverage from 2-10 HBW, you can reduce those bigger costs to a much smaller Service Fee (usually less than $100). This helps you expect the unexpected, because breakdowns never occur on schedule.

What does a yearly home warranty cover?

In general, it covers your home’s major systems and appliances, such as your air conditioner, furnace, and refrigerator. When a major system or appliance breaks down from routine use, 2-10 HBW covers the cost to address it, up to the clearly stated limits in your agreement. However, there are many different possibilities for coverage when you work with 2-10 HBW. That’s because 2-10 HBW offers several different plans, along with options to personalize your coverage.

It’s important to note a few things about coverage in general.

  1. A home warranty covers routine breakdowns, not breakdowns from misuse or abuse. This means that you have to take care of your systems and appliances for coverage to apply. If you neglect a covered item and it breaks down, your coverage may not apply.
  2. It doesn’t cover pre-existing problems. Your systems and appliances must be in good working order before you purchase coverage for it to apply.
  3. Natural disasters don’t fall under home warranty coverage. A home warranty doesn’t cover breakdowns caused by natural disasters like fire or flood. That would fall under homeowners insurance, which doesn’t cover routine breakdowns like a home warranty does. Just another reason to have both a home warranty and homeowners insurance!

Finally, the cost of coverage varies based on what you need. We want to empower you to personalize your plan. For the most accurate pricing, please request a free quote today.

Do I need to pay for it all at once?

Not necessarily! 2-10 HBW offers two different payment options.

  1. Full payment upon purchase. You may pay for coverage in full upon purchase.
  2. Monthly payments. This option lets you pay a portion of your agreement every month instead of all at once. (Processing fee may apply to monthly payments.)

One of our goals is to make protecting your home simple and affordable. With different payment options, you can choose the best route to protect your home, based on your budget and needs.

Is there a waiting period?

Yes, there is a 30-day waiting period before your coverage applies. This waiting period is common in the home warranty industry, and the reason is simple.

Recall that coverage doesn’t apply to pre-existing problems. The 30-day waiting period helps assure that a homeowner doesn’t have a pre-existing breakdown when purchasing coverage.


An annual Home Warranty Service Agreement is a smart way to protect your time and budget against breakdowns. When systems and appliances in your home break down, it’s expensive and inconvenient. With coverage from 2-10 HBW, you can reduce your out-of-pocket costs to address breakdowns. You can also rest assured that the contractor visiting your home is high quality and local.

2-10 HBW offers the most comprehensive home warranty coverage for homeowners. Let us help you protect your home.

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