Marketing for Real Estate Agents: Using Facebook Groups

Marketing for Real Estate Agents: Using Facebook Groups

Social media—particularly Facebook—can be a powerful marketing tool for real estate agents. It’s one of the most effective ways to get more testimonials and deliver important news to clients and prospects. Today, we’ll share some best practices about how to use Facebook Groups to expand your footprint online.

What is Facebook Groups?

Facebook Groups is a place where like-minded people can gather to discuss topics of interest. It’s much more focused than the sometimes free-wheeling discussion that happens on individual newsfeeds.

Facebook Groups are also different from your company’s Facebook page. Whereas your Facebook page will likely focus more on you and your business, a Facebook Group focuses more on interaction among group members.

Why should I use Facebook Groups?

You know how important it is to be active on social media. You likely also know how chaotic, unfocused, and negative social media can be. Facebook Groups can help you focus the conversation, build relationships with clients and prospects, and expand your reach.

One of the benefits of starting a Facebook Group is that you can pick what the group focuses on. For example, if you worked in Dallas, you might start a group that focuses on “Buying or Selling a Home in the Dallas Metro Area.” This can attract people looking to buy or sell in your neighborhood. From there, group members can talk among themselves and with you about their buying or selling journey.

When people are focused on things they’re interested in, it makes building relationships much easier. And you know that for agents, relationship building is the most important (but sometimes, a very challenging) part of the job. Setting up a Facebook Group encourages relationship building. Members can get an inside look at you and your brand, and even connect with you one on one. Plus, your group can be a great way to foster evangelists for your brand, especially during and after a successful purchase or sale.

Finally, posts in Facebook Groups tend to have better organic reach than Facebook Pages. Organic reach costs much less than active advertising. And because Facebook Groups tend to be active with people posting, their organic reach stretches longer.

How should I start my Group?

Before you create your own Facebook Group, consider joining other Groups. This might help you get a sense for how they work, how people communicate on them, and which kinds of content perform best in your area.

Once you’re comfortable starting and moderating a Facebook Group (or having someone at your company do it), here are a few things to consider.

  1. What’s your goal in creating a Facebook Group?
  2. Who’s your audience?
  3. Why should people join it?

The last question is extremely important. You likely know why you want to start a Group. You may know your audience. But convincing people to join your Group can be a challenge.

You may want to start by reaching out to past clients with whom you have a good relationship. These clients may want to join the Group because they liked working with you and want to sing your praises. These people can prime your Group with the social proof you’ll need to attract prospective Buyers and Sellers.

Another way to persuade people to join is to provide quality content exclusively to group members. From home ownership tips and offers from local alliances, to fun virtual watch parties or game nights, offering people something through your Group is a good way to grow it.

Should my Group be public or private?

There are benefits to both public and private Facebook Groups. Public Groups can widen the net you’re casting and expose you to more people. However, it can also bring people who can derail conversations or cause chaos.

Private Groups can help you monitor your Group more easily while assuring that members are focused on the Group’s interests. That can lead to deeper, more productive relationship building. Private Groups may limit your exposure to others, but they can also lend an air of exclusivity.


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