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5 Ways Real Estate Agents Can Boost Productivity

The typical real estate agent spends so much of his or her day generating leads, it can be hard to find time for other important tasks. By managing time more effectively, you can eliminate needless distractions and get more out of each day. Here are some time-management tips to help you become a more successful agent.

Take time to plan

When they rush into their workdays blindly, real estate agents set themselves up for uncertainty and inefficiencies. While it may seem like a waste, any time you spend planning is trivial compared to all the time you might waste frantically moving from one task to the next. To maximize your time and set yourself up for success, set aside a specified amount of time at the end of every day to plot tomorrow’s schedule. You should also try to start your morning five or ten minutes early so you can adjust your to-do list for the coming day.

Own your distractions

While it isn’t possible to create more hours in the day, you can optimize the way you use the available time. To better manage time, you need to reduce distractions. Studies suggest it can take more than 20 minutes to regain focus on a given task once we’ve been distracted. Although you may not be able to eliminate every distraction, you can reduce them by sticking to a strict schedule. Another trick is to turn off your phone to focus on important work and only check email and social media at specified times of the day.

Automate tasks

Real estate agents can save a lot of time by leveraging technology whenever possible. This means automating time-consuming tasks including appointment scheduling, client outreach, email blasts, segmentation and follow-up messages. You should also be using customer relationship management software (CRM) to manage appointments, track leads and simplify marketing campaigns.

Use proven time-management tactics

Break up large projects into small tasks to make them appear more manageable. Set time limits on important projects to make yourself commit to the task without getting sidetracked by distractions. If you’ve been struggling to tackle a specific task, make yourself do a small portion of it; in many cases, you will end up completing the task once you have a little wind in your sail.

Don’t try to multitask

While many agents may take pride in their ability to juggle several different tasks at once, in reality no one is able to perform at their best when they are splitting their attention between tasks. Research indicates that multitasking reduces productivity by as much as 40%. Each time you switch between tasks, you create a mental hurdle that will reduce your performance and productivity. The next time you think about multitasking, close extra browser tabs, mute your phone and center your focus on the one important task in front of you.

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