6 CRM Software Options for Real Estate Agents

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Customer relationship management (CRM) software is a powerful tool that allows real estate professionals to track leads, manage appointments, simplify marketing campaigns and ultimately close more deals. If you’re looking for a new solution that can simplify your business, here are some of the best CRM software options for real estate agents.

  1. Copper: The only CRM built for Google, recommended by Google and used by Google, Copper is the number one real estate solution for G Suite users. Seamlessly integrating with G Suite, Copper eliminates tedious manual data entry, while delivering a seamless, intuitive platform just about anyone can use. Feeling somewhat intimidated by the thought of using a CRM? Copper is a nice, easy-to-use option with some powerful features.
  2. Pipedrive: This powerful yet agile CRM software makes it easy for agents to seamlessly close real estate deals. From property showings and evaluations to communications strategies and paperwork, Pipedrive helps streamline all the key aspects of each real estate deal, keeping you and your clients focused on the things that matter most. In addition to its versatility and intuitive design, the software includes a robust mobile app that helps you seamlessly stay abreast of deals and activities when you’re moving between properties.
  3. Firepoint: Designed to increase transparency and accountability, this all-in-one software solution offers incredibly fast response times, distinctive business reporting and analysis. Totally automated, the system allows you to choose simple round-robin rules or customize your own rules based on the details that matter most to you.
  4. Boston Logic Platform: The industry’s most comprehensive suite of digital tools, Boston Logic Platform helps agents grow their real estate businesses and create stand-out online brands. It also allows agents to efficiently manage leads and close more deals. On the back end, Boston Logic is a command center that can simplify marketing, manage contacts, integrate MLS search and drive referral and repeat business through the incredible power of automation, allowing agents to work more effectively.
  5. kvCORE: Designed for the modern real estate professional, this all-inclusive platform includes a number of powerful features, including a lead engine that helps agents get high-quality leads, along with a Smart CRM to nurture those leads until they are ready to buy. It also provides comprehensive business analytics to inform agents on which efforts are producing the best results so they can invest their time and money accordingly. kvCORE also produces insightful reports on lead generation, marketing, traffic, profitability and more.
  6. Realvolve: A nice option for agents who are relatively new to CRM, Realvolve offers a collection of tools to streamline workflow and close more deals. The software offers intuitive features for property transaction management, contact management and task management, along with connectivity with third-party software for specific integrations. Agents can search for anything, including names, addresses, tags, words and phrases. They can also use Realvolve to track referrals and lead sources; automate email and text messages; manage tasks, special events and critical dates; measure the quality of a client database and forecast revenue.


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