3 Summertime Maintenance Tips for Your Clients

3 Summertime Maintenance Tips for Your Clients

When your clients are happy, they’re more likely to refer you to others. A great way to add value to your services is by helping them prepare for important maintenance milestones. Use these three summertime maintenance tips to help your clients have the best home ownership experience this summer.

1. Check the roof for issues

Winter and early spring weather can take a toll on your clients’ roofs. In addition, birds, insects, and other critters may have looked for shelter in cracks and crevices. And as the trees start to bud, your clients may have to deal with clogged gutters, which can cause other issues.

Recommend that your clients take three actions to minimize roof issues.

  1. Clean out gutters. Leaves, buds, and even animal nests can clog gutters, which can create water and mold issues. Share our step-by-step guide to gutter maintenance with your clients today.
  2. Seal off holes or cracks. Birds and pests sometimes nest in holes or cracks in the roof. Advise your clients to check their eaves for signs of wear or damage, and patch them as necessary.
  3. Check shingles and flashing. Curly shingles and loose flashing can create leaks inside the home. Recommend that your clients check for these signs of wear and tear.

2. Drain the water heater

If your clients have a tank water heater, they may not know how important it is to drain it at least once a year. Now is a great time to do so, since the weather is mild and your clients are likely taking their hoses out of storage.

We created a step-by-step guide for how to drain a hot water tank that you can share with your clients. The most important things to remind your clients to do are:

  1. Turn off the power and water supply to the tank first.
  2. Let the water in the tank cool to prevent scalding. Typically, 30 minutes is enough time, but it could take up to two hours.
  3. Use a sturdy hose rather than cheap plastic, which can leak.

Draining the hot water tank flushes out mineral buildup that’s accrued over the year. Mineral buildups can force a water heater to work harder than it needs to, which can lead to higher energy bills or expensive breakdowns.

3. Keep HVAC units clean

HVAC issues are common in summertime, but a little preseason maintenance can go a long way in minimizing problems. Here are a couple easy things for your clients to do to minimize the likelihood of HVAC system breakdowns.

  1. Change air filters. This simple step goes a long way in maintaining an HVAC system. Encourage your clients to do this every one to three months, depending on the quality of their air filter.
  2. Clean the outdoor A/C unit. Removing leaves, grass clippings, and other yard waste from around the unit can help it perform more efficiently. It can also reduce the likelihood of critters nesting in and around the unit.

One thing that your clients likely won’t need to do is have their air ducts professionally cleaned. According to the EPA, duct cleaning doesn’t prevent health problems. Further, there’s no evidence that dusty ducts increase the amount of dust or particulates in the home.

However, if your clients can see mold growing on their ducts or notice things like rat droppings in their ducts, you can certainly advise a cleanout, which may uncover other issues.

Bonus tip: Attach a Home Warranty Service Agreement

A Home Warranty Service Agreement from 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty (2-10 HBW) can protect you and your clients against risks the current market creates.

With lightning-speed closings and higher-than-normal valuations, your Buyers may have a smaller financial safety net than they’d like after closing. If important items break down, it could lead to increased E&O claims and reputational risks for you. A Home Warranty Service Agreement can mitigate these risks while showing your clients that you’re looking out for them after the sale.

Additionally, a Home Warranty Service Agreement could help address a common source of buyer’s remorse. As many as two-thirds of millennial Buyers have experienced buyer’s remorse, and according to a recent NPR piece, one of the biggest sources of buyer’s remorse is dealing with unexpected breakdowns.

By attaching a Home Warranty Service Agreement to all of your transactions, you provide peace of mind to your clients while protecting your reputation as an agent who looks out for your clients, even after the sale.

2-10 HBW offers comprehensive systems and appliances home warranties to help protect your clients from unexpected repair and replacement costs. Contact us to learn more.

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