How 2-10 Helps Agents Stand Out

How a Home Warranty Makes Your Offer Stand Out in a Seller’s Market

Agents who can provide added value to Buyers and Sellers stand out. When you stand out, it can have a cascading effect of more success, stronger reputation, and more referrals. Here’s how 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty (2-10) helps agents stand out in the real estate market.

2-10 Helps Protect Your Transaction

Few things are more frustrating than when an important system or appliance breaks down and derails the sale. It can lead to complaints and questions about why this happened, from both Buyers and Sellers. Often, those complaints and questions will fall on you, which could take you away from helping your next client.

With 2-10, you can offer coverage against major breakdowns on both the Buyer and Seller side. 2-10 Buyer and Seller Coverage provide several assurances for Buyers and Sellers:

  • The home’s Covered Items are in good working order.
  • If a Covered Item breaks down, there’s a solution.
  • The home has access to the 2-10 Contractor Network.

These assurances can go a long way in helping you stand out. When you can offer peace of mind that important home items are both in working order and have a solution for unexpected breakdowns, it can keep the transaction moving along more smoothly. That’s especially true when you combine a 2-10 Home Service Plan with a professional home inspection.

2-10 Seller Coverage Is A Popular Incentive

In many markets, Buyer incentives are beginning to become more popular. While there are several different incentives your Sellers might consider, none is more popular than a Home Service Plan. In fact, a Home Service Plan is the #1 incentives Buyers look for in 2024.

For Sellers, there are two routes to take in terms of offering a 2-10 Home Service Plan.

The first is by having their agent enroll them in Seller Coverage. This provides protection while the home is on the market for important items like the home’s HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems, along with major kitchen appliances. This can show Buyers that the home’s important systems and appliances are in working order, which is a good way to entice Buyers.

The second is by offering to convert Seller Coverage to Buyer Coverage at closing. This can be a great way to stand out while providing affordable protection for the Buyer. That’s because if a Buyer has a solution for an unexpected breakdown after the sale, it’s less likely that they’ll have to pay a large amount out of pocket to address the issue. That’s a big deal for Buyers, especially so soon after making what’s likely to be a large down payment.

Converting Seller Coverage to Buyer Coverage can also be an attractive alternative to reducing the sale price for Sellers, since the cost of converting coverage can be rolled into closing costs.

Coverage your clients deserve

Add the industry-leading home service plan to your agent tool kit.

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2-10 Can Help Reduce Buyer’s Remorse

One the other side of the transaction, 2-10 Buyer Coverage can be a powerful weapon against buyer’s remorse. Reducing buyer’s remorse is incredibly important because study after study shows that a vast majority of Buyers experiences buyer’s remorse. And whether it’s fair or not, they may take that remorse out on their real estate agent.

Offering 2-10 Buyer Coverage can help address a major cause of buyer’s remorse: the cost of maintenance and other unexpected issues in the home. With Buyer Coverage, your Buyers can greatly reduce their out-of-pocket costs to address unexpected breakdowns. Additionally, it gives your Buyers access to the trusted 2-10 Contractor Network, which can be especially valuable to Buyers who may not have a grasp on the lay of the land so soon after moving.

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Give Yourself Every Advantage With 2-10

Standing out in the real estate market requires special skills and added value. You bring your skills to the table every single day, and 2-10 allows you to offer exceptional added value for all of your clients.

Coverage your clients deserve

Add the industry-leading home service plan to your agent tool kit.

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Coverage your clients deserve

Add the industry-leading home service plan to your agent tool kit.

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