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– effective cold calling tips – 4 Effective Cold Calling Tips for Real Estate Agents | 2-10 Blog

Cold Calling Strategies for Highly Effective Real Estate Agents

Cold calling can still be an effective way to grow your real estate business. Here are 4 tips to use the next time you pick up the phone.

Be sure to note which techniques and tactics are most effective for your unique business, so that you can create a lead generation program that consistently attracts new qualified leads.

1. Before you pick up the phone, have a cold calling script

When you know what you want to say to a prospect, cold calling becomes far less intimidating. That’s why it’s so important to have a written script, or at least an outline of why you are calling and what your message is. Ideally, you’ll have scripts for a variety of circumstances, including if you get to speak with a client live on the phone and if you have to leave a voicemail.

If you’re still stumped and need some extra guidance, reading through cold calling scripts that other agents have used is a great way to find your own voice. Here are some examples from around the web to kick-start your script:

2. Curate your cold calling contact list carefully

While you’re more likely to achieve success by calling a greater volume of people, there’s more to it than dialing numbers at random. When you sit down for a cold calling session armed with the right script and a solid list of prospects, you’re far more likely to see positive results.

Effective cold calling campaigns require a carefully curated list of people who might have an interest in your real estate services. Downloading a list of expired listings and FSBO listings from your local MLS or a list acquisition service is a good place to start.

3. Try “warm” calling to earn new real estate leads

True cold calling can absolutely help you drum up new business, but it’s also a numbers game that requires a substantial amount of time and effort. “Warm” calling, a technique focused on leads you already know or who have already expressed interest in your expertise, is a fabulous complement to cold calling. Referrals and email list subscribers are two common sources of warm call contacts. Learn more about warm calling potential real estate leads here.

4. No matter how you market your real estate business, be patient and persistent

Even if you find that cold calling isn’t the best way to grow your business, the key is to keep trying new methods until you find the mix that works best for you. Some agents have great luck with email newsletters. Others love traditional tactics, like knocking on doors. No matter how you choose to market your services to new clients, testing lead generation strategies requires patience and perseverance.

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