4 Tried and True Real Estate Marketing Techniques

4 Tried and True Real Estate Marketing Techniques

In a world filled with email marketing, social media, and other digital technologies, there’s still a place for “old-school marketing.” From handwritten letters to personalized gifts, here are some traditional marketing techniques that can help you differentiate your real estate business and land more clients.

Schedule regular touch points

Experienced real estate agents understand the importance of time in lead generation. Real conversions typically only occur after a minimum number of touches in a relativity short amount of time, usually about six months. A prospective Seller might not put a home up for sale right away, but if you’ve worked to build name recognition, you’re the person the Seller will think of when they decide to sell.

Agents seasoned in real estate marketing work hard to increase the number of times they engage prospective clients. They do so in person, via email, on social media, or through flyers or newsletters. As you develop your marketing plan, be sure to schedule regular touch points to provide updates and check in.

Write handwritten letters

While digital marketing has exploded recently, a handwritten note is still a staple of a strong real estate marketing strategy. This traditional marketing method is one of your most effective marketing tools when you do it right.

Savvy agents know that handwritten notes help them connect with Buyers and Sellers in noisy, competitive markets. They also show your Buyers and Sellers that you’re providing attentive, personalized service. While it may seem easier to type up an email, send a text, or use a form letter, a handwritten note is a much more effective way to engage a client and set yourself apart from the competition.

Offer a gift

A small gift can be a powerful real estate marketing strategy that can pique interest among prospective Buyers and Sellers. If you take a new client meeting, consider bringing a small, functional gift, such as a notebook/pen with your branding on it. A gift like this shows that you’re there to help them through their journey. It also lets you give them something they’ll really use throughout the process.

After closing, consider giving a client pictures frames, household tools, or a personalized address sign as a housewarming gift that clearly displays your unique brand. If the gift offers relevant, real-world value, it can provide lasting promotional power that will cause the client to think of your services every time they use the item. If a friend or a family member ever needs an agent, the former client is likely to bring up your name as a referral. With most agents relying on referrals, this is a strong real estate marketing strategy.

Align interests with your client

In the race to secure conversions, agents don’t always take their clients’ interests to heart. When helping Buyers and Sellers, remind yourself that they’re under a lot of stress. As they grapple with high emotions and potential confusion, it’s your job to streamline the transaction. Remember, your job is to help them achieve their goal.

Make sure you understand the reasons behind your clients’ decisions to buy or sell. This can increase the chances of a positive experience and a higher likelihood for future referrals.

A final tip for successful real estate marketing is to offer a home warranty. 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty (2-10 HBW) can help you achieve your real estate marketing goals.

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