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Buyers and real estate agents face a stifling, frustrating Seller’s market filled with breakneck closings, brutal competition, and the burden of paying over ask (preferably in cash). That often leaves your clients without a home protection safety net to address expensive, inconvenient breakdowns to things like appliances, plumbing, and their washer and dryer.

With 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty’s (2-10 HBW) new product, you can help your Buyers build on their dreams while we focus on the burden of addressing breakdowns.

How agents can start fresh with 2-10 HBW’s new product

2-10 HBW’s new product goes above and beyond to help real estate agents navigate the current market and provide peace of mind.

Everything is moving more quickly in this market. This can open you up to complaints and lawsuits, despite your best efforts to help.

2-10 HBW’s new product, along with a proper disclosure and inspection, can be a powerful risk-mitigation strategy in three ways.

  1. Provides protection against covered breakdowns, which could reduce callbacks.
  2. Protects your reputation by showing your dedication to happy home ownership, during AND after the sale.
  3. Helps you get to the next deal by protecting your Buyers against breakdowns when they need it most. That could lead to fewer complaints, smoother relationships, and more referrals.

Home protection that addresses increased working from home

Additionally, 2-10 HBW’s new product can help you address the consequences of increased working from home.

More working from home means more use of home systems (e.g., plumbing, electrical system) and appliances (e.g., dishwasher). That could mean more breakdowns and higher maintenance costs for Buyers.

By providing or recommending 2-10 HBW’s new product, you can guide them toward the answer for what to do about breakdowns. That can let your get back to what you do best: helping homeowners achieve the American Dream.

How your clients benefit from 2-10 HBW’s home protection

Buyers and Sellers Homeowners want solutions that are Comprehensive, Flexible, and Convenient. With this powerful new product from 2-10 HBW, you can give them what they want, and make it easier for your clients to fall in love with their home and your services.

How 2-10 HBW’s new product makes home protection more Comprehensive

We made the excellent coverage you know and trust even more comprehensive. For instance, your clients can still access the most comprehensive HVAC protection on the market.

In addition to cost-effective solutions to breakdowns, especially those caused by increased use, we’ve teamed up with Asurion Home+ to provide additionalThat’s more coverage for things that make working from home easier.

How 2-10 HBW’s new product makes home protection more Flexible

Agents told us about the barriers they faced when offering a Home Warranty Service Agreement, and we acted on it.

This new product introduces Monthly Pay (available everywhere) and the Simple Plan (select markets only) to give your Buyers flexible payment terms and quality coverage that fit their budget better.

How 2-10 HBW’s new product makes home protection more Convenient

2-10 HBW’s new product continues to support you and your clients in making breakdowns less of a burden.

Monthly Pay. Simple Plan. And a 24/7 online account for you and your Buyers, 2-10 HBW helps you get back to doing what you want.

Ready to take the next step toward success?

It’s time to enroll all of your clients in home warranty coverage with a Service Agreement from 2-10 HBW.

Protect your transactions, bolster your reputation, and get to the next deal.

Learn more about 2-10 HBW’s new product for agents today.

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