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Set your home sellers up for success by sharing the following pre-sale to-do list before putting their house on the market. No matter when they decide to sell, these tips can help your clients stand out!

Enhance Curb Appeal

It’s important for Sellers to take care of any exterior issues that may turn off prospective Buyers. This means removing stray leaves and branches, shaping up hedges, and keeping the lawn neatly cut.

If exterior siding is rotting or the paint has begun to peel, it’s important to fix these issues before the home goes on the market.

Your clients should also inspect their windows to make sure they don’t stick or have any flaws that might cause concern among buyers.

Help them enhance their curb appeal with helpful tips from 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty (2-10).

Avoid Certain Improvements

While the right renovations can add value to a home, some provide poor returns on a homeowner’s investment.

Kitchen renovations tend to bring only about 50 cents on the dollar, while basement renovations yield even less value in most instances. Unfortunately, many Sellers mistakenly believe these types of renovations will allow them to increase their asking prices.

Be sure to advise your clients against renovations that cost more than they will get in return.

Make the Right Renovations

Certain upgrades can enhance a home’s value without putting a large dent in your client’s bank account. To add real value to the home, it’s generally best to focus on projects that offer a double impact.

For instance, new doors and windows can bring a nice return on investment, especially if they’re energy efficient and look good. A mid-range bathroom remodel such as tiling the floor and replacing the tub, toilet, and light fixtures can also add value.

Coverage your clients deserve

Add the industry-leading home service plan to your agent tool kit.

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Make sure your clients understand the importance of decluttering. When it comes time to show a home, nothing should be off-limits to prospective Buyers. A great way to begin decluttering is by knowing how to maximize storage space, so share this 2-10 article about maximizing storage space with your clients.

Your clients should do a sweep of tables, windowsills, counters, and any other visible areas. They should also thoroughly clean and organize drawers, closets, and cupboards.


Buyers want to envision themselves living in the home. Family photos and other personal items should be packed away before the first showing. Since people have varying tastes, it’s a good idea to remove bold furniture and artwork.

If your clients don’t have another home yet, advise them to place personal possessions in storage.

Perform a Smell Test

Even the slightest strange odor can turn Buyers away from a home. Unfortunately, most people have difficulty detecting odors after a while.

It can be hard for agents to tell clients their homes have unusual smells without hurting their feelings. Advise your clients to have an unbiased third party to inspect the property for pet odors or lingering kitchen smells.

You can also encourage your clients to use scents that help sell homes more successfully.

Include a 2-10 Home Service Plan

A Home Service Plan (home warranty) is the #1 home-selling incentive on the market. A 2-10 Home Service Plan helps prevent breakdowns from derailing a sale and can help a listed home stand out in the market.

Additionally, it assures Buyers that the home’s Covered Items, such as the furnace, refrigerator, and water heater, are in good working order. It can also help reduce buyer’s remorse when you convert Seller Coverage to Buyer Coverage.

Coverage your clients deserve

Add the industry-leading home service plan to your agent tool kit.

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Coverage your clients deserve

Add the industry-leading home service plan to your agent tool kit.

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