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How to Become an Elite Real Estate Agent

For a lot of real estate agents, being high-performing doesn’t cut it — they want to be the best at what they do. If that sounds like you, here are some of the most effective tips, tricks and strategies you can use to become one of the top real estate agents in your area.

Generate leads like a professional. There’s no magic pill when it comes to gaining listings or leads. You can either buy them and hope they are worth the cost, or you can roll up your sleeves and generate them yourself. While many agents cut their commissions, take over-priced listings or run mailers and ads to accumulate leads, savvy agents focus on sustainable, cost-effective methods. This means establishing relationships with lenders and other people working within the industry. It also means picking up the phone and beating the bushes to find new business on your own. Need some ideas? Check out this article on tactics for lead generation.

Become an expert in your market. In addition to being known for their responsiveness and service, top real estate agents set themselves apart by developing expert knowledge. With the rapid advancement of modern technology, it’s not enough for an agent to serve as an information broker who shows homes. These days, realistic 3D virtual tours and HD videos are opening new doors for buyers, without the need for any sort of lockbox access.

To provide real value, agents need to be able to educate clients on the latest market stats. They also need to be able to translate these metrics into meaningful insights to help clients feel more confident in their decisions. To meet this need, top agents stay aware of market trends and develop the ability to gather and interpret compelling data.

Prioritize agility. In the old days, agents got ahead because they had impressive market knowledge and superior lead generation habits. While these things are still incredibly important, they often take a backseat to sheer speed.

It’s not uncommon for new agents to get their licenses and then sell dozens of properties within the first 12 months by simply buying leads and having fast response times. However, just being faster than the competition isn’t enough. Top agents look for ways to both maximize response time and enhance their ability to meet a client’s demands.

Lean on technology. Real estate has become a data-driven industry with little room for tech-phobic agents. If you want to get ahead, you will need to accept and embrace technology as an invaluable tool that can maximize your impact while saving time and money. Invest in a good CRM system that will allow you to easily monitor current contacts, nurture leads into clients and keep in touch with past clients. You’ll also want to read up on other real estate tech trends to find tools that will allow you to elevate your process and course-correct whenever necessary.

Be resilient. In the real estate business, you will face endless rejection. If you take it personally, you will never rise to be among the elite. You’ll need to develop the ability to bounce back quickly after facing several rejections or enduring a series of failures. To get more deals, you should to focus on consistent follow-up that walks the delicate line between persistence and harassment. Tenacity and resiliency are the keys to successfully turning leads into clients.

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