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The Fundamentals of Customer Service in Real Estate

Real estate businesses are built on relationships. And whether you are a buyer’s agent or seller’s agent, customer service is the most important building block of any relationship. If you can consistently deliver excellent customer service, there’s a greater chance your real estate business will thrive for years to come.

If you’re ready to elevate the type of customer care you deliver, here are six tips to show clients you care.

1. Never neglect the follow-up (and follow-up quickly)

As all real estate agents know, following up is a crucial part of the business of buying and selling homes. Whether it’s reaching out to a potential new lead for an appointment or simply responding to emails from current clients, timely follow-up is crucial to delivering excellent customer service.

2. Tailor communications to the client’s preferences

Some people will always choose texting, others only operate in email and some folks still prefer a good old-fashioned phone call. Figure out how your clients prefer to communicate and then respect their choice. You should ask clients when is the best time to call rather than popping into their notifications whenever it’s convenient for you.

3. Try to anticipate what the client wants

Responding to a buyer or seller’s (reasonable) requests is something all good agents do, but the best agents anticipate their client’s needs. For example, many first-time home buyers have similar questions and concerns — be proactive and provide answers before the client has to ask.

As your career progresses, this part of the customer service experience will become much easier. You’ll have years of examples to look back on and you can use that knowledge to better serve your buyers and sellers.

4. Know your market

The top real estate professionals are experts of their city or region. They know all about the best schools, which neighborhoods are the most walkable, where families flock, the best places to dine, and the list goes on. If you have community pages on your website, this is a great opportunity to drive traffic and provide insider intel to your buyers.

5. Help buyers integrate into their new community

If a client has just moved into town, you may be the first friendly face they get to know in their new community. Use your knowledge of the area to connect these buyers to gyms, social groups, non-profit organizations, and other networking opportunities they may enjoy.
Chances are, these buyers will remember how you helped them integrate into the social fabric of their new home, and they’ll call you again when it’s time to find a new property.

6. Get into gifting

Small gifts are a great way to create a lasting impression and show clients you care. Gifts at closing are a common way to show appreciation, and don’t be afraid to get creative. If you need some more inspiration for your next client gift, don’t miss these resources:

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