Things Your Buyers Should Watch for in Virtual Home Staging

Things Your Buyers Should Watch for in Virtual Home Staging

Virtual home staging exploded in popularity, thanks in part to pandemic lockdowns. They’re likely here to stay, which can give Buyers easier access to a home they’re interested in. However, it’s important for you to help them understand what they’re looking at when they view a virtual staging. Here are a few things to help your Buyers watch for in virtual home staging.

Objects on the screen may be duller than they appear

Virtual staging goes beyond using professional lighting and photographs. It’s common for virtual staging photos to use Photoshop to make walls and interiors look much brighter and cleaner than they may really be.

In-person staging gussies up a home too, but virtual staging gives much more leeway to the stager. If you’re unsure about whether a home looks too bright, don’t be shy about walking through it yourself, if possible. This can give you a sense for which virtual stagers go too far in touching up a home and help your clients avoid misleading listings.

Poor staging can turn Buyers off

This is more of a concern that you need to help your Buyers avoid from the outset. Some virtual stagings don’t use professional stagers to create the virtual staging. That can cause furniture to look out of place or unrealistic. Worse still, poorly cropped and edited virtual stagings can make the home look like the set of a bad video game.

Be honest and upfront with your Buyers if you suspect a virtual staging looks unrealistic. Your clients may be tempted to overlook such issues in the heat of the buying process. Steering them away from unrealistic virtual stagings can prevent disappointment, build trust, and protect your reputation.

Virtual staging can cover up major flaws

The biggest drawback of virtual staging for Buyers is that it can cover up major flaws with the home. That can create unrealistic expectations for Buyers, especially if they’re looking for a home that’s as close to move-in-ready as possible.

If a virtually staged showing is too different from how the house actually looks and feels, Buyers may feel deceived. Since building trust is crucial to your success, you should remind your Buyers that it’s still important for them to get an in-person feel for the home, if at all possible.

A virtual staging isn’t a replacement for an inspection

It’s important to remind your Buyers that a virtual staging isn’t a replacement for an inspection. Market conditions have tempted many Buyers into forgoing inspections as a way to make their offer more appealing. And if a virtual tour looks great, your Buyers may feel the same temptation.

Be sure that you explain the consequences of waiving inspections to your clients, especially if they fall in love with a virtually staged home. With 64% of millennials reporting that they regretted something about buying their house, it’s critical that you position them not to act rashly.

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