Top 5 Kitchen Trends to Help Your Clients in 2021

Top 5 Kitchen Trends to Help Your Clients in 2021

Throughout 2020, the kitchen took on added importance. More cooking, more time, and more people in the kitchen changed how people view and set up their kitchens. As a real estate professional, knowing what to accentuate and how to stage in the kitchen will be important to your success. Read more about the top five kitchen trends for 2021 to get a head-start on the hot housing market.

1. Touchless faucets

Cleanliness took on such unprecedented importance over the last year that you likely wouldn’t be surprised to see Mr. Clean show up on currency. The desire for cleanliness leads us into one of the quickest developing kitchen trends of 2021—touchless faucets.

In fact, the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) predicts that touchless and tap-touch faucets are likely to begin outpacing traditional lever faucets in popularity. They reduce the spread of germs and make hand washing easier. High-end models can even measure out appropriate amounts of water for dishes like pasta and rice.

It’s little surprise that something that makes cooking and cleaning more efficient is trending. Consider showing Buyers homes that already have touchless faucets installed or homes that can easily convert traditional taps into touchless.

2. More storage in the kitchen

More cooking and time in the kitchen means more stuff to store. If full-scale remodels to make more space are out of the question, you can still help homeowners address this need.

Pantries and stand-alone freezers are two popular space savers for homeowners. Additionally, you can help Buyers improvise storage with wall-hanging baskets and shelves. This can not only give Buyers space to store things but also turn sleek appliances into decorative pieces.

3. Natural colors and features

Between lockdowns and extreme winter weather, homeowners are pining for the outdoors. You can help them mimic the feel of the outdoors with natural colors and features.

From light earth-tone paints like greens and soft browns to lighter linen window dressings, there are several fairly inexpensive ways to bring the outdoors inside. For bigger renovations, you might encourage Sellers to let more light in with larger windows.

4. Open spaces that serve as a sanctuary

For many homeowners, the kitchen was a central room in their lives (whether they wanted it to be or not!). As you stage and show Buyers homes, it’ll be important to present the kitchen as a sanctuary as well as a work space.

You can display a sense of openness and calm with well-placed houseplants or even indoor herb gardens. This is also a great way to bring the outdoors in.

If your Buyers and Sellers are more ambitious and have the means, you can also suggest converting the kitchen to an open layout with a large island. Large islands are growing in popularity because more people are spending more time doing more things in the kitchen. From cooking to crafting to commiserating, a large island with abundant seating can provide a sense of sanctuary.

5. Durable, multifunctional appliances

Durable, multifunctional appliances—like refrigerators, ovens, and dishwashers—are hugely important nowadays. Between cooking more in general and wanting to cook healthier meals, homeowners are turning to appliances that make both easier.

While a $12,000 restaurant-grade oven may not be realistic for many homeowners, proven high-quality brands are likely to speak to the needs of your homeowners.

Partnering with 2-10 HBW can speak to these kitchen trends

These 2021 kitchen trends reveal what homeowners want and expect—comfort and convenience that doesn’t break their budget.

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