We’re Giving You More Time and Your Clients More Freedom

We’re Giving You More Time and Your Clients More Freedom

Over the past months, 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty (2-10 HBW) has been working to save agents time and give their clients more freedom. We all know that summer is one of the most active periods for breakdowns to systems and appliances. To better serve everyone, we’ve updated our Homeowner and Agent Portals to make filing and tracking claims easier and more efficient.

Portal’s new Action Center can help you save time

One of the challenges agents face is having to take calls and questions about breakdowns from homeowners. With the new Action Center in Homeowner Portal, you can guide your clients to self-serve. That can reduce the time you spend taking calls and create better user experiences for your clients.

The most noticeable change is that you and your clients will have to pick up the phone less often for service. Hold times are a notorious problem in the summertime. But with these Portal updates, we’re working to reduce hold times and make homeowners and agents happier during the most stressful months.

Submitting claims through Portal has always been the most effective way to get service. When your clients have a home warranty from 2-10 HBW, encourage them to use Portal when necessary.

Training your clients to self-serve through Portal is the most effective way for them to get service. That can reduce calls, questions, and complaints to your office.

Here are some of the updates that may help you most.

Self-service claims escalations

You’ve likely received a call from a client that goes something like this. “Something broke down in my house. I filed a claim earlier, but it hasn’t been fixed. Can you help me figure out what’s happening?”

Then, you’d have to call to escalate the claim yourself, which took time and effort away from doing what you do best—helping your Buyers and Sellers buy and sell.

Now, you and your clients can directly escalate claims as necessary through Homeowner and Agent Portal.

The new claims escalation function in the Portal Action Center can reduce hold times and frustration. It puts more power into your hands and your clients’ hands.

So, when you cover your clients, you can share this useful self-service feature with them. And even if your clients still ask you to do it for them, it’s much easier and more efficient to do so in your Agent Portal, too.

There are a couple of things to remember about escalating a claim.

  1. You and your clients must wait at least seven days after submitting the claim to escalate it.
  2. No one should ever submit more than one escalation per 24-hour period. Submitting multiple escalations doesn’t complete the request more quickly. It will instead create significant delays. We prioritize the oldest escalations by property. Submitting multiple escalations will continually move escalations to the back of the queue.

Sooner-service requests now directly available in Portal

Another struggle many agents face is when a Service Contractor can’t service a homeowner’s claim on a day or time that’s acceptable for the homeowner.

Currently, 2-10 HBW sends the best and most available Service Contractor in our network when a claim comes in. But if that Contractor’s availability didn’t work for the homeowner, they’d have to call in, which led to longer hold times.

Now, your clients can request sooner service directly through Portal.

Guiding your clients to make the request through Homeowner Portal helps them look outside of our network of contractors for someone who can meet with them when it works for them. It also helps us approve an Out-of-Network Contractor more efficiently, should your clients choose to use one.

That can save you time and effort trying to make things right. Just make sure your clients understand the terms and conditions that apply to using an Out-of-Network Contractor.

2-10 HBW is working to make experiences better for you and your clients

The improvements we’re making to Homeowner and Agent Portal should reduce hold times and help fulfill your clients’ needs more efficiently. That can reduce the number of calls you need to take and make you look like a hero when your clients need it most.

2-10 HBW offers comprehensive systems and appliances home warranties to help protect your clients from unexpected repair and replacement costs. Contact us to learn more.

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