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New Construction Coverage

Register Structural Warranty

To register your 2-10 HBW Structural Warranty provided by your builder, visit Homeowner Portal or call 720.531.6742. Be sure to validate your information and provide your email and phone number.

Transfer Structural Warranty

If ownership of the home changes during the term of the structural warranty, coverage is fully transferable.

Purchase Structural Warranty

Homeowners can’t purchase a 2-10 HBW Structural Warranty themselves. However, your builder can if they’re a 2-10 HBW Builder Member. You can refer your builder by filling out this form.

Structural Warranties can only be provided by a home builder to the home buyer and are facilitated by different 2-10 HBW affiliates than 2-10 HBW home warranty (Home Service Plan) products. The home builder can provide our industry-leading 2-10 HBW Structural Warranty to the home by becoming a member in the 2-10 HBW Structural Warranty Program.

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