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Requesting Service

Homeowner Portal

Homeowner Portal is your 2-10 HBW account. It’s the fastest and best way to submit claims, renew your home warranty (Home Service Plan), and take advantage of the Happy Homeowner Program®. To learn how to use it, click here.

Definition of an Emergency

An Emergency Request is generally defined as a service issue resulting in (1) no electricity, gas, water, or toilet functionality to the entire home; (2) a system malfunction that causes ongoing damage to the home; or (3) a condition that immediately endangers health and safety. With Emergency Requests, we will attempt to initiate service within 24 hours. However, 2-10 HBW cannot guarantee service within a specific period, and you should take reasonable steps to protect yourself and others while waiting for service completion.

Cancel My Request

To cancel a Service Request, contact Customer Service at 720.531.6717.

No Update from Contractor

Upon receipt of the Service Request, 2-10 HBW will initiate contact with a Service Contractor within 4 business hours, or 48 hours on weekends and holidays. If 2-10 HBW has your email address, you will receive an email confirmation of the Service Request, which includes the contact information for the Service Contractor. You are welcome to call the Service Contractor directly.

View and Download Coverage

You can find your home warranty (Home Service Plan) by logging into Homeowner Portal and selecting the Download Service Agreement button on the home page. Your Home Service Plan info becomes available 30 days after the Effective Date.

Will I Get a Good Contractor?

Yes. The Service Contractors who work with 2-10 HBW must qualify to be part of our network of preferred contractors. Qualification includes verifying any applicable licenses and corporate insurance, among other things. Preferred contractors earn the highest quality scores from our customers and perform repairs quickly.

Choosing Your Own Contractor

Regardless of preference, every Service Request must be submitted to and approved by 2-10 HBW prior to a contractor performing work. To get the best value from your home warranty (Home Service Plan), we recommend using an authorized 2-10 HBW Service Contractor. If you elect to use an outside contractor, you will be responsible for the difference in cost between using your contractor and an authorized 2-10 HBW Service Contractor. You will also need to follow the instructions we provide to ensure that the work remains eligible for coverage (e.g., that work is not performed without prior authorization). For details, please consult your Home Service Plan’s Terms of Service and any additional instructions provided throughout your Service Request.

Learn more about the out-of-network proccess

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How Long Does It Take?

A Service Request is typically completed in an average of 5 days. However, during high-volume seasons, such as summer, it may take longer to complete.

Register Home Service Plan

Coverage is active as of your Effective Date, pending payment. However, registering or setting up your account in Homeowner Portal ensures 24/7 access to submit a claim, review your coverage, and access our Happy Homeowner Program®.

Dollar Limits

The aggregate dollar limit for coverage may vary from one home warranty (Home Service Plan) provider to another. With 2-10 HBW, the annual, aggregate limit is $25,000 for covered systems and appliances. Get a free quote today to see what coverage you can get, or if you’re already a 2-10 Member, review those details in your Homeowner Portal account.

File a claim

To file a claim or Request Service, log into your Homeowner Portal account, select the system or appliance that needs service, answer a few questions, and we’ll dispatch an authorized Service Contractor to your home.

Request Service

To Request Service or file a claim, log into your Homeowner Portal account, select the system or appliance that needs service, answer a few questions, and we’ll dispatch an authorized Service Contractor to your home.

Effective Date of Coverage

There is a 30-day waiting period before you can Request Service. If you purchased a Home Service Plan in a recent real estate transaction or are renewing your home warranty (Home Service Plan), you may immediately use your Home Service Plan.

Service Fees

A Service Fee is a relatively small payment you make to the contractor when you submit a Service Request. When you choose 2-10 HBW, you’ll typically pay $100 or less to have a contractor service your breakdown. Then, 2-10 HBW covers the remaining covered repair or replacement costs, up to the clearly stated limits in your home warranty (Home Service Plan).

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