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Status of a Claim

When a Covered Item breaks down, waiting on hold for a solution is the last thing you want to do. With the 2-10 HBW Homeowner Portal Service Action Center, you have the power to do more when you need to most while reducing hold times.

  • Check statuses
  • Upload documents
  • Escalate claims

And it’s only available through Homeowner Portal!

So sign in or sign up when something breaks down.

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What the Service Action Center lets you do

– service request tools1 – Status of a Claim

1. Request status updates from contractors

When you file a claim and a contractor accepts it, you can request its status from the contractor. No more wondering or calling about where it’s at!

2. Change Service Contractor

Sometimes, you need to request a different Service Contractor, due to scheduling issues, contractor inability, or otherwise. The Service Action Center makes it easier and more efficient to change the Service Contractor when necessary.

3. Submit documents more easily

We’ve made it easier for you to submit documents for reimbursement. Whether for pre-approved Out-of-Network Contractor use, the 2-10 HBW Lock & Hardware Program, or our Appliance Replacement Offer, submitting documents is much easier.

4. Escalate claims when necessary

If your claim hasn’t been addressed within seven days, you can now escalate it directly from Homeowner Portal instead of calling in.