6 Content Ideas for Your Real Estate Business

While most agents understand the importance of developing and maintaining online marketing channels, many struggle to keep their pages populated with fresh, compelling content. Whether you run a blog, newsletter or social media platform, it’s important to keep audiences engaged and informed with relevant posts. Here are some ideas to get your creativity flowing.

A guest post: Invite an industry insider to share some insightful tips on their specific areas of expertise. You could have an interior decorator provide some best practices for staging. You could also invite a professional photographer to divulge helpful tips for taking compelling photos of a property. In addition to providing intriguing content for your audience, these sorts of invitations may lead to opportunities for you to make guest posts on the other person’s blog.

Market news and updates: You can really position yourself as an industry expert by providing regular updates on relevant real estate news. This can include any national housing news and reports, along with local market trends and housing prices. You should take the opportunity to break down each report, offering a layman’s explanation that will prove that your are a seasoned but approachable industry expert.

Upcoming events: Frame your media channels as sources for information about local events your audience may be interested in attending. This can include community fairs, open houses or even online seminars. It’s not always easy for people to get details on local events in their communities. Position your media channels as reliable sources for accurate, timely information about local noteworthy events.

Neighborhood attractions: In addition to positioning yourself as an industry insider, you want to frame yourself as a local expert. Buyers will want to know that you are extremely familiar with the communities in which you work. Use your social media channels, blog and email newsletter to highlight some of the great local parks, schools, restaurants and caf├ęs. You should also share news about any upcoming grand openings or real estate developments that could make an area more desirable in the near future.

Video content: Video marketing has become an especially powerful way to connect with contemporary buyers and sellers. Add a multimedia component to your blog by building a video gallery filled with compelling content. From staging tips to market updates, you can create dozens of videos that will attract and keep visitors, while also helping them become familiar with your face and personality. By uploading your videos to YouTube, you can also help improve search engine optimization, while building an audience for your channel.

Weekly spotlight: It’s tempting for agents to fill their blogs, social media and newsletters with available properties. Unfortunately, this can turn people off and make your marketing channels seem too much like classifieds. While you should definitely have a page devoted to available properties, you don’t want to overdo it by posting about these homes too frequently. That said, it’s perfectly fine to do a weekly spotlight showcasing a specific property that deserves your audience’s attention. Bear in mind this should be a home with special or distinctive attributes. Don’t use your marketing channels to try to unload a home that’s been lingering on the market for a long time.


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