Essential Work-Life Balance Tips for Overworked Real Estate Agents | 2-10 Blog

5 Work-life Balance Tips for Busy Real Estate Agents According to surveys, real estate agents tend to be much happier with their careers compared to typical workers. To succeed in such a competitive industry, however, many have to make sacrifices that compromise their well-being. Work-life balance is something that can easily get swept aside when […]

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6 Signs Your Cash Buyer is a Scammer | 2-10 Blog

Is Your Cash Buyer a Scam Artist? Cash offers are common in hot housing markets, but how do you know the potential buyer truly has the cash on hand? It’s not uncommon for sellers to get taken in by the lure of seemingly profitable cash home buyer scams. Watch out for these six warning signs […]

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Using Social Proof to Amplify Your Real Estate Marketing Strategy | 2-10 Blog

5 Ways to Use Social Proof for Your Real Estate Company Social proof, i.e. the tendency to see an action as more desirable when others are doing it, can be incredibly powerful when making big decisions. Read on to learn how you can leverage as a marketing strategy for your real estate company. What Is […]

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Helping Home Sellers Navigate the Closing Process | 2-10 Blog

Closing Process Guide for Home Sellers Whether you’re working with a first-time seller or someone who hasn’t sold their home in decades, it’s always a good idea to let the client know what to expect during the closing process. Help your clients feel more confident about an upcoming transaction with this real estate closing guide […]

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The Best Live Chat Tools for Real Estate Agents | 2-10 Blog

5 Live Chat Tools for Busy Real Estate Agents You’ve decided chatbots could be a useful tool for your real estate business, but which ones are worth the investment? Here are some of the most powerful and user-friendly live chat tools for real estate agents. What Are They? Chatbots are computer programs which rely on […]

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5 Ways to Increase Your Listing Client Count | 2-10 HBW

Tips for Getting More Listing Clients It’s hard enough for real estate agents to regularly secure buyer clients – finding new seller clients can be even trickier. Use these proven tips and tricks to expand your listing client count. Build relationships. Network with other businesses in your community to develop mutually beneficial partnerships. Form alliances, […]

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