Oven home warranty coverage

It’s hard to beat a hot meal, but oven breakdowns can get in the way. Thankfully, a home warranty plan from 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty (2-10 HBW) can help you keep those hot meal hunger pangs at bay.

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Why purchase a home warranty plan for your oven?

Your oven is one of your most important kitchen appliances. When it doesn’t work properly, meals simply aren’t as good.

A home warranty plan from 2-10 HBW gets your oven hummin’ again after it breaks down.

When your oven breaks down, we do the hard work of finding and vetting trustworthy, local contractors to address the problem. That means more time for you to get things done.

A home warranty plan can also save you big out-of-pocket costs to repair or replace your oven after a breakdown.

Working with a reliable home warranty company like 2-10 HBW helps you avoid the hassles of oven breakdowns.


Which parts of my oven does a home warranty commonly cover?

Covered oven components


oven, range, or cooktop components*

Bake element, broil element, burners, control board, igniter, oven sensor, thermostat

Excluded oven components


oven, range, or cooktop components*

Meat probe assembly; door glass; sensi-heat burner for range, oven, or cooktop (are covered, but only replaced with standard burner); multimedia center, including technology convenience items like LCD screens, Wi-Fi, clocks, and cameras; racks; hinges; shelves; interior thermal shells; trim kits; microwave rotisseries; vent hood; exhaust fans; any gas supply line; air fryer function

Helpful hints and solutions for troubleshooting your oven breakdown.

What's wrong with my oven?

To get the most out of your home warranty plan (and to save your Service Fee for the toughest-to-solve breakdowns), you’ll want to do routine maintenance!

Below, we’ve included some troubleshooting tips for when your oven breaks down. Use these recommendations, along with your oven’s instruction manual, to perform maintenance and try to get it running right away!

Working with electrical and gas systems can hurt or kill you if you aren’t 100% confident about what you’re doing. If you aren’t 100% certain about how to troubleshoot it, don’t.

If these tips don’t help and you have active oven coverage with 2-10 HBW, we can help! Just log in to your Homeowner Portal account at Homeowner Portal account, check your service contract, and file a claim if you have oven coverage!

Don't have a home warranty? Protect your home and budget with coverage from 2-10 HBW.


Possible Cause
Possible Solution
There is no power to the unit
Make sure the unit is plugged in. Check and reset the breaker
Possible Cause
Possible Solution
The element is not properly "plugged in"
Remove the burner and replace to a fully secured position, ensuring it is properly “plugged in”
The burner is defective
Remove the burner and plug it in to another burner position, If it still does not work, replace the burner
The burner wiring, terminal block, or switch is defective
Test each part and replace as necessary
Possible Cause
Possible Solution
The timer fuse is blown
Replace the fuse
There is a loose connection
Turn off the power to the oven and tighten all connections
The timer is bad
Replace the timer
Possible Cause
Possible Solution
An oven vent could be clogged
Clear the clog and replace the filter as necessary
Possible Cause
Possible Solution
The door gasket is damaged and leaks
Replace the door gasket
The calibration of the thermostat is not correct
Contact the manufacturer for recalibration instructions
Possible Cause
Possible Solution
The oven door is not locked
Shut and lock the oven door and restart the self-clean cycle


Possible Cause
Possible Solution
The pilot light has gone out
Open any windows and doors to create good ventilation and relight the pilot
The gas line is leaking
Leave the house an call the gas company immediately
Possible Cause
Possible Solution
The pilot light is out
Relight the pilot
Gas is not turned on
Make sure the gas valve is turned on. Consult the gas company if necessary
The burner cap may not be set properly
Make sure the cap matches the burner size and is sealed properly
Possible Cause
Possible Solution
The pilot port is clogged
Turn off the gas and clear the port
The pilot is getting blown out
Avoid drafts near the range
Possible Cause
Possible Solution
The burner may be clogged
Clean the burner surface and port
The gas mixture is incorrect
Call your local gas company
Possible Cause
Possible Solution
Circulation in the oven is not adequate
If you cover a shelf with aluminum foil, make sure you have at least 2 inches of clearance on the sides and back
The exhaust vent may be clogged
Clear the vent and replace the filter as necessary
The oven was not preheated
Preheat the oven before baking
The door seal leaks
Replace the door seal
The average life span of a oven is 14 years
14 years

The average life span of a oven is 14 years*

Keeping up on maintenance helps increase the lifespan of your oven
How can I make my oven last longer?

Keeping up on maintenance helps increase the life span of your oven.

  • Avoid using heavy or extra large cooking pots or pans.
  • Keep the inside and outside of the oven as clean as possible. Check out our article on how to clean your oven properly.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner to clean behind and underneath the stove at least once a year.
  • Keep the stovetop clean and free of spilled food or grease buildup around the burners.

Why choose a home warranty plan from 2-10 HBW?

A home warranty is an incredible tool for keeping your budget on track. Here’s why you should choose 2-10 HBW to protect your home!

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Protect your oven today!

Purchasing a Home Warranty Service Agreement from 2-10 HBW with oven coverage is easy!

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