Built-in Wine Cooler Home Warranty Coverage

Built-in Wine Cooler Home Warranty Coverage

Popping a perfectly chilled bottle is one of life’s simple pleasures. But what happens when your built-in wine cooler suddenly conks out? Not to worry! Add built-in wine cooler coverage to your home warranty plan from 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty (2-10 HBW), and we’ll help cover the cost of repair. Now that’s worth a toast!

Built-in Wine Cooler Warranty Coverage

Why purchase a home warranty plan option for your built-in wine cooler?

What can you do when your wine fridge suddenly fails? With optional built-in wine cooler coverage, you can pop open a bit of the bubbly knowing you’ve got a solution.

We help you cover the costs to pay for the diagnoses, repair, and/or replacement of your built-in wine cooler’s parts and components. Plus, we set you up with a local, trustworthy contractor, so you know the work’s done right.

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When does my built-in wine cooler home warranty coverage apply?

Covered built-in wine cooler components*
All components that affect the cooling operation of the compressor, thermostat, condenser coil, evaporator, and defrost system for one (1) unit.

Excluded built-in wine cooler components*
Refrigerators with more than one compressor; wet-bar refrigerators over 16 cubic feet; built-in wine coolers over 30-bottle capacity; multimedia center, including technology convenience items like LCD screens, Wi-Fi, clocks, and cameras; racks; hinges; shelves; doors; glides; slides; glass interior thermal shells and food spoilage. All Components of each aforementioned Item and/or system.

*Built-in wine cooler coverage is available as an additional purchased option. Coverage and excluded components listed are shown as example coverage. Refer to your Home Warranty Service Agreement for specific coverage details, exclusions, and dollar limits.

What’s wrong with my built-in wine cooler?

Helpful tips and solutions for common built-in wine cooler problems

To get the most out of your home warranty plan (and to save your Service Fee for the toughest-to-solve breakdowns), you’ll want to do routine maintenance!

We’ve included some troubleshooting tips for when your built-in wine cooler breaks down. Use these recommendations to perform maintenance.

If these tips don’t help and you have active built-in wine cooler coverage with 2-10 HBW, we can help! Just log in to your Homeowner Portal account at 2-10.com/homeowner, check your service contract, and file a claim if you have built-in wine cooler coverage!

Possible Cause
Possible Solution
No electricity
Make sure unit is plugged in and the circuit breaker hasn't tripped.
Possible Cause
Possible Solution
Poor ventilation
Remove anything blocking the unit's vents, and keep the unit clean
Room too hot
Lower ambient room temperature
Refrigerant low
Call a professional to refill refrigerant
Worn or damaged gasket
Replace gasket

How can I make my built-in wine cooler last longer?

Helpful hints and solutions for troubleshooting common built-in wine cooler breakdowns.
How can I make my built-in wine cooler last longer?

The average wine cooler lasts about 5 years*

Built-in wine cooler maintenance tips

  • Keep the inside and outside of the unit clean and free of dust or debris
  • Avoid placing unit on carpet, which can hinder ventilation
  • Clean your compressor coils at least once a year

*Average life span data from knowwines.com

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